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-The Fool-

You enter a wild realm of limitless potential. A complete overhaul of the darling D&D 5e. Mechanics, reality, your subconscious and the will of your friends all blend to make a cosmically delicious slushy that may forever alter the course of your life.

-The Chariot-

Unbound by petty Handbooks, your Players can unleash the full force of their creativity as they rip through your world at a dizzying pace. Their goal (unbeknownst to them) is to crash your game, thus ripping them back to their reality before they were hit by a Meteor.

Did I mention the Meteor?


The game's premise is that you and your compatriots are struck by a rogue Meteor. Cutting your life short and severing your ties to this mortal world. However a Devil offers you absolution, a chance to be the Hero of another world. You will probably accept because Hell, as it happens, is incredibly lame.

-The World-

Enter a system built from the ground-up as an engine for subverting your expectations and embracing the absurd. It's 26 Pages packed with an aesthetic as wild and varied as its rules! Meteor aims to burn a lasting impression in your mind and have you itching to run this as a one-shot the next time you forget to prep.

**This is a work of comedy, parody, remixing and exploratory roleplaying. It is in no way an official Wizards of the Coast or Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Product.

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Jul 27, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Tags5e, Abstract, Comedy, Dungeons & Dragons, One-shot, Short, Surreal, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionAbout an hour
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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I have read nearly 300 games in the past few years and this is the most fun that I've had doing so so far, by a pretty significant margin.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Thanks for making this!


I once knew a Dungeon Master who was an alcoholic. We didn't know he had a drinking problem, we just thought he was hyperactive and silly and loved drinking Kool-aid out of Yeti tumblers. Anyway, he was supposed to run a published adventure for us, but we later found out that he was making everything up on the spot, from the plot to the loot to the hit points of the rats. He would have loved this book. (I say "would have" because he's sober, now. Bless.)

Do not get this book looking for a game unless you are the kind of person who buys the DVD boxed set of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" for the plot. 

Or if your players really enjoy kool-aid in Yeti tumblers. 


I cannot tell you how strong a sell this comment was for me on this game. Thank you.


This is not a game for anyone who wants to play games as written [me]. This is instead a very cleverly written set of tools to alter an already written game (in this instance 5eDND) to bend the game to an absurdist isakai setting, where the players take on the role of reality breaking entities that wield improbably power in a world that follows much more limiting rules. The underlying mashup of themes in the text itself is strongly reflected in the layout and art style of the 26 page PDF.  With no idea of who to recommend this game to as something to play; instead, I will recommend this game as something to read if you are passingly familiar with game design especially if you are interested in seeing an idea takin to its logical extreme and really commiting to the concepts the game wishes to impart.


I Got Hit By A Meteor is a fan parody or an affectionate homage to...probably all of tabletop. It bills itself as a conversion mod for 5e, but it's very fully its own thing, and I think it's more appropriate to describe it as a second game that runs alongside 5e or another system.

Or as a fever dream that hallucinates the game you were going to play.

The PDF is 26 pages, with a playful approach to the layout. Each section is formatted as a different kind of document, ranging from game faq in the early 00s to a Final Fantasy 1 battle to Mork Borg. Nothing's hard to read, and while some sections feel a little more engaging than others, I'd read a whole book in almost any of the formatting styles. This approach to layout is extremely high effort, and I'm seriously impressed.

I'm similarly impressed with the design.

Just as the book changes layouts every few pages, it changes ttrpg genre every few pages as well. There's a slice of basically every style of game in here. Whereas something like Dungeons The Dragoning takes a bunch of other games and grinds them into a kind of chunky pesto, Meteor is more like a painstakingly layered tiramisu.

Writing-wise, Meteor has a subtle sort of humor, but it was hard for me not to smile at how fully it commits to the bit. There's stuff like "we begin as all ttrpgs do and as all ttrpgs are with a guided meditation", and I suspect I'm among the 0% of people who find this super funny, but if you're also a mathematics anomaly, this game is definitely for you.

I don't know if I can say much about the mechanics, just that this might be the first fully post-discourse trpg system. It's subversive in a way I'm not sure I was able to imagine before reading it, and it never breaks character.

Overall, I'm not sure who else this is the right game for. It is the right game for me, and I *strongly* recommend it as a read for everyone else. Honestly, I want pages 9 and 10 displayed on billboards, and I don't think I've ever said that about a game before.